@article{khoo_demand_2021, title = {Demand {Respond} {Program} and {Dynamic} {Thermal} {Rating} {System} for {Enhanced} {Power} {Systems}}, volume = {1}, issn = {2789-3766}, doi = {10.54616/ijeps/20211201}, abstract = {This paper reviews the development of demand response (DR) and dynamic thermal rating (DTR) system for enhancing the operation and reliability of power system. The advantages and prospect of the DR program are discussed. The case for DTR system is established by comparing it against the traditional static thermal rating (STR) system. Various line monitoring methods and devices required for the implementation of the DTR system are presented. The challenges for deploying the DTR system from the perspective of selecting appropriate transmission lines for DTR deployment, identifying critical spans for deploying DTR sensors, managing the reliability of the DTR system, and the integration of the DTR system with existing and future power systems are discussed. Finally, the two main standards governing the operation of the DTR system, namely the IEEE 738 standard and the CIGRE standard are compared to elucidate the employability of the DTR system.}, journal = {International Journal of Energy and Power Systems}, author = {Khoo, Clement}, month = dec, year = {2021}, pages = {1--9}, }