@article{adli_nine-level_nodate, title = {Nine-level {Cascaded} {H}-{Bridge} {Multilevel} {Inverter} for {Photovoltaic} {Sources} {Based} on {Hybrid} {Active} {Filter}}, volume = {2}, doi = {10.54616/ijeps/20220302}, abstract = {Nowadays, a multilevel inverter is one of the important devices that provides a practical approach device in power system industries because of its features which are less switching losses, lower electromagnetic interference, reduced harmonic distortion, higher DC link voltages, and improved output voltage and current waveforms. Among all existed multilevel inverter, cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter is the most attractive because of the technology development with megawatt power level. So, the cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter has been tested and proven as a suitable DC/AC device for medium and high power applications such as renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, and motor drive applications. In this paper, the project is focusing on the combination of a nine-level cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter connected to photovoltaic (PV) sources and a hybrid powerfilter. This project aims to study and to analyze the results of the proposed system. Thebehaviour and the performance of the designed system have shown that the system offered330V peak output AC voltage with an efficiency of 93.96\% and a 5\% reduction of THD.This project will be carried out only in Matlab/Simulink software.}, number = {1}, journal = {International Journal of Energy and Power Systems}, author = {Adli, Ikhwan and Tze-Zhang, Ang and Mohamed, Salem}, }