@article{syafiq_variable_2022, title = {Variable {Frequency} {Control} in {High} {Switching} {Frequencies} {DC}-{DC} {Converters}}, volume = {2}, issn = {2789-3766}, doi = {10.54616/ijeps/20220303}, abstract = {The switching mode DC- DC was extensively researched and developed to meet most industrial power electronics requirements. Using the switch mode has the advantage of reducing conductive and switching losses by increasing the switching frequency. In addition, the power converters structure includes energy storage components, and power switches that reduce their performance. The development of new typologies for the power converters was undertaken in parallel with the advancement of instruments, materials, and control systems technology. By minimizing the switching losses and the overall converter size, these typologies may provide high performance. This study will therefore reflect on the classifications of DC- DC converters, and their ability to operate at high switching frequencies. Also, the control methods of the DC- DC converters will be discussed and compared. This project includes an intensive comparison between different typologies of DC-DC converters by using Matlab/ Simulink software to implement the frequency controlfor the most two effective typologies.}, number = {1}, journal = {International Journal of Energy and Power Systems (IJEPS)}, author = {Syafiq, Syahir and Ang, Tze-Zhang and Salem, Mohamed}, month = mar, year = {2022}, pages = {12--15}, }