@article{asad_implementation_2022, title = {Implementation {Of} {ANFIS}-{Based} {Dynamic} {Voltage} {Restorer} {To} {Improve} {The} {Voltage} {Profile} {Of} a {PV}-integrated {Grid}}, volume = {2}, issn = {2789-3766}, doi = {10.54616/ijeps/20220401}, abstract = {Fluctuations in system voltage can disrupt the system possessions both at the utility and customer end. Such a problem is most prominent at a point where a renewable source is attached to feed the grid. Photovoltaic (PV) power is one of the proposing renewable resources in the twenty-one century. However, its output depends on sunlight which varies throughout the day. This varying output of grid-connected PV systems causes harmonics and variation in system voltage. This work proposes a model of Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) to overcome the issues mentioned above. DVR is a three-phase voltage source inverter (VSI) fed by a DC source. Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system(ANFIS) controller along with synchronous reference frame theory (SRF) is used to control the switching of voltage source inverter. According to SRF theory, three-phase a–b–c stationary frames are changed into 0–d-q rotational frames. The 0–d–q rotating frame reference signals are regulated using a PI or ANFIS controller to achieve the necessary reference signals. The measured amplitudes of the reference phase voltages are used directly to calculate the PWM signal generation for the three-phase inverter. MATLAB software is used to implement the proposed model and verify the proposed controller. The DVR is attached to a grid integrated with the PV system. PV system parameters like irradiance and temperature are varied to disturb the voltage. Voltage fluctuations and harmonics generated were mitigated by DVR. The results show that the proposed device can improve the voltage profile of a PV-integrated grid.}, number = {2}, journal = {International Journal of Energy and Power Systems}, author = {Asad, Muhammad and Abunima, Hamza and Seker, Selim}, month = apr, year = {2022}, pages = {16--21}, }